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May 2024 - Parents

Dear Parents,

It’s our pleasure to keep you up to date and include a review of how our junior program is progressing;


Over the last 6 months we introduced three classes of development for your child; group coaching, match practice and matchplay.  

Preparing your son or daughter to play a competitive match or a social game is something we feel more children can now start to enjoy, particularly as the summer season arrives.


We included a term of match practice as part of a team membership package which also includes family social tennis, supervised play and online court booking.

Family Social Tennis

This is the ideal way for any parent to see how their child is progressing and what games they can enjoy together to help their child improve.  

To register your interest click here, the first day of play will start next week. 

Family social tennis will also act as a bridge for the parent and coach to see if their child has reached a level where they can enjoy the game without the team or parent needing to be hands on - supervised play.  

Supervised Play

At set times a court can be reserved safe in the knowledge that one of the team is also on another court and able to attend to your child should there be any need.  

Your child can play socially or competitively and continue to gain experience.  A full list of court times can be found in our app under the 👪 tab.

Online Court Booking

Finally, online court booking allows you to book the court for your child to play with friends, fellow academy players and family.  The team looks forward to welcoming you on site.


We understand tennis is often a one to one sport and with it comes certain challenges. For parents playing with their children, parents can spend more time collecting tennis balls than hitting with their son or daughter.

Playing with fellow juniors also can have its hurdles.  We have hosted open tournaments in the past and witnessed rackets being thrown and tears as children walked off court.

Our program is designed to let your child learn how to manage themselves in a step by step process with the guidance, support and collaboration of the coach and parent.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have and drop into Family Social Tennis.

Many Thanks,



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