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Newsletter No.2

Before I update you on what's in store for 2023 I am aware I have been off court much more than in previous years. So as a brief introduction, my name is Lyall who with Laura started LC Tennis.

It's with thanks to her and the team for allowing me to step back and review our program. The following I hope provides you with a greater understanding of what's in store for 2023 and why.



Costs associated with tennis can be high compared to other sports so how do we offer value? Unlike many others, tennis is a sport for life and so our goal is to let your child fall in love with a game that can be a healthy hobby long past their teens.

To do this we understand not every child wishes to beat their opponent and some simply want to play. No score, just play with friends.

This coming year once your child reaches the required skill set in group coaching we will invite them to take part in social tennis with a friend from their group.

There they can play a match if they wish or simply rally and meet new faces. Keeping costs in mind this will be included as part of your group coaching until we recognise together that they will get value from membership.

Keeping in Touch We believe keeping in touch with you as parents is just as important as the relationship we have with your child.

Over the coming weeks we will reach out to update you on your child's progress and respond to any feedback you have. In 2023 we will also invite you on court to explain our coaching philosophy and methodology. To register click here.


When we first started our program we ran an academy, a club did not exist. Teaching has been our motivation and with it a chance to create a lighthearted, learning environment. 2023 will see us rejuvenate this, here is how?

New Methodology

Our new coaching methodology will now anchor our program. A significant shift for the team and players your feedback this term has let us know we are on the right path. As excited as we are to show you what's new we want to stress that we don't expect players to take part in coaching throughout the year. Instead, as with our juniors, we will know with you the right time to return to classes and find that sweet spot between coaching and play.

Clearer Path

Towards the end of the year we trialed two new initiatives "Team Tennis" and "Coaching To Social."

Coaching to Social saw us run additional social tennis sessions the same time as group coaching with the aim of encouraging players in training to take that leap and play with someone new attending social. In the new year we will continue this and stress that social tennis does not necessarily mean a match. Hitting back and forth with someone new can be great learning in and of itself.

Team Tennis saw us trial competitive play as team Wesley and Rosemont combined the number of games won over three evenings during the mid term break. In the past we have shied away from competitive play but your participation and response in spite of the poor weather let us know we can offer competition while maintaining a light hearted atmosphere. This will now be something we run once per term, sign up here to join a team!


Your Perspective

To help set everyone up for the new year we will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks be that on or off court. When you attend any session with us a team member is always on site, hearing your perspective and sharing ours we hope will set things up nicely for you in 2023.

Lastly I'd like to acknowledge the patience and participation of players and parents during an unprecedented time. Over the pandemic we moved all sessions to Rosemont, returned to Wesley College and now find ourselves with floodlights in both locations. Time saved without moving from one location to another has given us time to trial some of the programs we have mentioned and set us up for what we believe will be an enjoyable 2023.

Yours in Tennis, Lyall


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