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Participation is recommended by the coaching team with a specific day and time to attend.



Learning where to stand and how to score never mind actually winning can be overwhelming.


Here we will help develop your tactics and ease you into some social matches.


Please review our class policies below;

1. We will cancel a session if the weather is dangerous or the courts are flooded. If we cancel we will do so 30-45 minutes before the session. If you have not heard from us, the session will continue as normal.


2. If we cancel a session due to weather we will offer a make up option in line with the academy schedule. 


3. If you are unable to attend the makeup session we unfortunately cannot provide an additional makeup option or credit.


4. If you miss a session due to illness or injury we are not in a position to reschedule classes.


Please note:

To finalise your booking you must complete our adult application form if you have not done so already.  To remain up to date on class notifications, programs and events we recommend you download our app with Wix, see Links.


- The term starts January 8th for 10 weeks.

- There is a mid-term break the week of February 12th.

Adult Match Practice - Winter/Spring 2024

  • 1. To complete our adult application form click here.

    2. To download our app with wix click here.

    3. A full list of our policies can be found here.

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