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Meet new people, keep fit and healthy through the sport we love!


Our academy caters for all levels and abilities. We run coaching six days a week for adults, juniors and families. Our team is fully qualified through Tennis Ireland and The Professional Tennis Registry, working together for over seven years.

Join us today, we would love to welcome you on board!


Join us today as an Adult, Junior or Family member!

Meet new people at our weekly social tennis sessions, book a court online to play with friends and family, take part in our fun events throughout the year.


It all began with our manager

Lyall Cohen.

It began with our manager Lyall who began playing with his family aged 8.  After teaching tennis as a module in transition year he knew he wanted to become a coach.  

On a tennis scholarship he moved to America to study sports psychology and completed his coaching qualifications in England.  

After experiencing the highs and lows of competitive play and learning from some of the best coaches on his travels Lyall returned home to teach full time.

 In 2014, Lyall along with Laura O'Brien opened LC Tennis.

Starting first as an academy teaching all levels and ages players were keen to put their coaching to good use in a club setting.  

To be able to offer more Lyall and Laura began working with juniors who they recognised could go on to become coaches in their own right.

And so with the help of a young enthusiastic team a club was formed.

To now..

Together for seven years and counting our academy, team and membership continues to grow. 


We understand this past year has brought many challenges and we are delighted to be able to welcome new faces as we teach, learn and enjoy the game together.



" I would highly recommend LC Tennis for anyone who is looking to get back into the game as an adult, as I was. The academy provides a relaxed environment which focuses on developing skills and strategies to play better and enjoy the game! Their flexible schedule for social tennis, lessons and bookings also really suited me "

Adult Member and Coaching Participant