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Q. How do I book a service online e.g. social tennis, matchplay a court?

Ans: From the Homepage of the Wix app click the “Club” tab. Select the service you would like to book and don't forget to click the drop down menu to choose a location.

Q. How do I cancel a service online e.g. social tennis, matchplay a court?

Ans. In the app click on your profile on the bottom right of your screen. Scroll down to 'My Agenda' and click on your booking there you will be to cancel.

Q. I am a member, can I bring a guest to play with me?

Ans: Yes you are welcome to bring a guest, we ask that they complete an intro class after playing as a guest twice.

Q. Do I need to let you know who I am playing with?

Ans: Yes, whether bringing a guest, academy player or member we ask you to notify us who is playing with a brief message on Wix.

Q. What’s the best way to find someone to play with?

Ans: Our team will be able to help you find the ideal group of players to practice with be that someone from your coaching group or at one of the programs we run e.g. social tennis. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Q. How many hours can I book a court for?

Ans: Players can book a court for one hour and not with the same player for two consecutive hours.


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